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Love forces us to explore our hearts,

Searching for answers that seem unattainable.

We climb every mountain and fill every void,

In order to find what our destiny bequeaths.


Drawn to each other by Loveís determination,

We follow this road by Faith alone.

Uncertain of the paths we should behold.

Unwilling to yield no matter what the cost.


Finally, within each otherís site,

But destiny has another twist in store.

Looking at each other across a huge chasm.

We see rushing waters separating our worlds.

Screaming waters below, and miles apart.

Our hearts now sink to the fathoms below.


Such a tedious journey and so far yet to go!

How can we bridge these troubles below?

Holding out my hand, to yours.

We try to close this ravine.

But to no avail this riverís too great!


Sitting, thinking and loving so true!

Knowing there must be a way to you.

Concentrating on feelings deep inside.

Focusing on where my LOVE abides.


As, if a dream were coming to light,

Before us emerges a glorious site.

A structure so grand and so divine!

Has now connected your world to mine.

With girders and spans created from LOVE.

This Bridge before us must be from Heaven above.


Running to meet we hold each other tight.

Briefly losing us, with in a loving light.

As we walk together now hand in hand.

We look back in reflections on this magnificent plan.


How can this creation be so intricate?

Would you stop to think how limited life would be?

Would you stop to explore every mystery?

With Love in your Heart what wonders could you expose!

Written by poetical_mastermind


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